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Golf Instructional Articles
This page includes various articles I have written to help golfers not only improve their golf games, but also experience more fun and personal satisfaction in the process.
Two Tee Drill
Using a "Target Focus" in Pre-shot Routines 
This article discusses the importance of having a target focus in your pre-shot routine. It shares with the reader a simple drill that will promote this concept in his or her actual golf swing...the two tee drill. It is one of my favorite drills to help students extend through the ball and out toward the target producing more solid contact.
Improved Focus During Play
What is Your Intention?
This article discusses how important it is to clearly establish your intention before you step on the first tee.  Many golfers don’t actually lose their focus. They never established it to begin with!
How Best to Practice
Have you ever tried the latest drill or training aid promising to cure your slice or add distance to your tee shots only to discover little if any progress on the golf course?Don’t despair! It may not be what you’re practicing that is the problem, but rather how you’re practicing. Two of the articles I published with focus on how to practice more effectively. Check out the links below to learn more...
How to Practice Golf Effectively
Practice Golf with a Purpose